Thursday, February 7, 2008

A tag!!!!

The tag is to list four of the following:

Jobs I have had
1) waitress
2) dishwasher/side set up
3) working in furniture making
4) housekeeping

Movies I would watch over and over
1) Turner and Hooch
2) The Terminator
3) Fair Game
4) anything mystery

Places I have been
1) Duneden, Fla
2) Clarksvillem, Tenn
3) Cherokee
4) Asheville, NC

Places I have lived
1) Hot Springs, NC
2) Asheville, NC
3) Newport, Tenn
4) Hickory, NC

TV shows I watch
1) any CSI
2) Criminal Intent
3) Survivor
5) Animal Planet ok i cheated on this one...

People who email me regularly
1) Mary
2) Marylou
3) Marty
4) And a lot of junk mail, which i delete without opening....

Favorite foods
1) Homemade Pizza
2) Steak
3) Baked Potato
4) Ferguson Gooloush

Places I would rather be
1) Fishing on a river bank
2) Camping
3) Shoppin with lots of money
4) A house with lots of room to move around in...

Things I am looking forward to
1) Hubby getting his disablity, so i can quit filling our papers..
2) Camping this summer, where my sis lives so we can hang out...
3) Nephew Brad, coming in the last part of this month...
4) Spring!!!!

People I tag for this game
1) Colin:::::::
2) Jeannie:::
3) Comet and BLU's girl::::
4) Jan:::::::::

If u have done this b4, lol i wont ask u to do again...lemme no when and where its at...thank u, for ur time.....


cotojo said...

Hi Claudette,
Thank you LOL, I will put this on my 'to do' list as I have a few to catch up on but it won't be too long, so when I have posted it I will let you know :)

Have a great evening my dear friend,

Jan said...

Hmmmm. We sure have been tagged. We'll think on this a day or two, but we'll get it done sooner or later, if we don't dig a hole and hide it first. :)

jans funny farm

cotojo said...

Me again LOL,just looked at your coding...when you do the a href= that is all fine, but rather than rewrite it in between the opening tags and closing tags,put in whatever the link is :)

Basically, when you get to the end of 'a href=' you have the closing tag > then you enter the text you want before doing the closing text<

Hope that helps :)

Peanut said...

Oh I love love love potatoes they are so good.

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Hi Claudette, that was very interesting learning more about you.

I have already done it on
if you want to take a peek.

Have a great weekend, love and light, Jeannie in Scotland xxxxx

Jan said...

Hi, Claudette,

We finally got the tag posted.

Jan's chasing us off the computer now but at least we are finished.

jans funny farm

Checkers said...

consider yourself tagged :-) - I cut and paste my followers - I don't think you are on the list of followers - but I appreciate your stopping by and hope you will follow! Share the tag with your friends