Saturday, December 29, 2007

A New Year is Almost Here!!!

This is gonna b about my New Years Resolutions that will b in a few mins..I had my hair cut over the xmas at least 5inches, just touches my shoulders now...Hubby was not to pleased but I am very stubborn....I always wanted to give my cut hair to "locks of love", but its gets sooo damage over time, they would prolly only get an inch of hair thats decent enuff to work with...when i was growing up mama always kept it cut short, didnt think my hair could grow...but it the middle of my back...for somebody that always wanted the stuff, i had a rude awakening...first, u pull it out when it gets caught under ur arm pits...then when u sit in a chair, and try to raise ur head up...u forget ur back is still on that stuff and it pulls the heck outta mind u, i am not tender headed, far from it..but its still a great big ok enuff of me ramblin on..

My New Years Resolutions:: I have only 3 and its been the same 3 like forever...guess that means i never keep them, mayb this year .............

1) Quit Smoking.....................Shoulda did this one years ago!!
2) Get Organized...................Now this one is very funny, but I would like to learn how to do it...
3) Make a Budget and Stick with it.........I am an Aries, lol if i want it, somehow i am gonna firgure out a way to get it..

ok, i rethought things, i am just gonna win the lottery in 2008, that way somebody else can keep me organized and i wont have to worry bout a budget, hmmm guess i will have to do the quit smoking thing on my own....


Asta said...

Hi Claudette!
I just finally got around to reading your blog!congratulations for having one..I'm getting very behind in everything because I'm spending too much time on asta's bloggie and visiting everyone..this New Year I have to resolve to do my work more(I haven't painted since August..that's bad!!) and I'll just have to not feel bad if i leave some bloggies out, and gcan't get to them everyday..but it's hard, cause I don't want anyone to feel bad or ignored....
BTW good for you for cutting your hair..I'm sure it was beautiful, but maintaining hair that long is a lot of work,and at our age it's not as lush anymore anyway..I bet it looks great
good luck tomorrow on the test I'll be praying

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudette,
I like your new blog - great picture at the top too. I just got my new blog up and running, so I'll link to both of yours from it. I wish you good luck with your resolutions. I'm so envious of your hair even being shoulder length after the cut - I have never had the endurance to let mine grow out, because I have such fine hair anyway. I hope all goes well with your health and you have a great 2008.

Unknown said...

Hi Claudette.

I liked your resolutions. I should put some on this blog, too. Maybe I could keep them longer than a minute if I do.

A friend of mine is a breast cancer survivor and had extremely long hair. Before she started chemo, she had it all cut off and sent it to the same place you did. She, fortunately, could afford a wig. But, it made it easier for her when she lost her hair. I commend you for giving your hair.

HEre's to the new year. May it bring us all good luck and smile on us graciously.

Katie, Zorra, and Sam's Mom....


Katherine and Pippa said...

Hello Claudette
I don't do resolutions but yours are very commendable. Pretty tough though I would think.
I've not had long hair for years. First my mum got it cut for me about age 8, and then later, it wasn't really appropriate for work. So when I quit work I let it grow. I really really like having long hair again after about 35 years of short hair! But it is thick, it is not grey and it does have some curl in it too.
Good luck with quitting smoking, it should really help the COPD.

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Hi Claudette, no, I don't make resolutions anymore, cos I have broken too many in the past!

But if I was going to make 'em

these are mine for what it is worth

1) say no to the last glass of wine.....I am happy now, one more glass won't make you happier.

2) Get organised.....snap! I am the most disorganised person I know, I have piles of "stuff" here which needs sorting but somehow I never get round to it.

3) and yes, Snap again, make a budget, even though I am a Taurean, I always make the imaginary budget I have, stretch to buy the things I want.


4) Live for today, there is no tomorrow, just make the very best of every moment you have, and tell the people you love, every day, in some way or with some kinda action, that you love 'em.

5) oh I am on a roll now, me who does not make N Y resolutions......

Make time for blogging but not too much time, cos real life is slipping through my fingers, while I blog.

This was a nice post! Thank you, and congrats on the hair cut, I am swithering as to what to do with mine.

New Year, New Hair perhaps!

love and much light, Jeannie xxxxxxxx Marvin's Mama xxxx